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  • John 4 – Are You Seeking Miracles or Seeking Christ?

    John 4 – Are You Seeking Miracles or Seeking Christ?

    What do you want from God? What do you want from Christ? Do you want to blessings? Or do you want Christ himself? When many people say “I love Jesus,” what they really love is not Jesus, but the blessings, gifts and help He can give. Many people say “I believe in Jesus,” but in reality, they aren’t putting their faith and hope in Christ himself, but only looking to him in order to get blessings from Him or to […]

  • John 4 – Laboring with Christ

    John 4 – Laboring with Christ

    We see here the great love of Jesus Christ and his hard labor and sacrifice to reach lost souls even before his going to the cross. His will was one with the Father’s. He laid aside privileges and conveniences, even his daily portion of food to be witnessing to these people. His eyes were on the great harvest of souls – the only thing that will last for eternity. Are you distracted and concerned with things that don’t matter in […]

  • God’s Love Shown through Christ’s Death

    God’s Love Shown through Christ’s Death

    The death of Christ is possibly the most famous event in history, but what does it really show us about Christ and about God? What does it show us about God’s attitude toward us? The cross of Jesus Christ is like a window into the heart of God through which we can see his love for sinful people. Romans 5:8  – ‘but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

  • John 4 – Living Water for a Sinful Woman

    John 4 – Living Water for a Sinful Woman

    Are you satisfied with life? Do you have joy, even an everlasting source of joy and satisfaction and love? This is something only Jesus can give. Our hearts are restless until they find God through his Son and drink of the living waters of the Holy Spirit – Christ in us. But first, like the woman of this story, you must confess your sin. John 4:13-14 – ‘Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty […]

  • John 3 – Unbelief

    John 3 – Unbelief

    The Lord Jesus teaches us that unbelief itself is a sin. Not only do we lose the chance to be saved by refusing to believe in God’s son, but we show that our hearts are truly evil. Though God doesn’t ask us to have ‘blind faith’, yet for those that seek there is no valid reason to stay away from Christ, who is the beautiful Light of the world. His words and deeds are perfect and carry such weight and […]

  • John 3 – Saved by Looking to Christ

    John 3 – Saved by Looking to Christ

    Jesus told Nicodemus he must be born again, but that was only the beginning of their conversation. As always, for a person to truly have lasting peace in their soul, and to know the foundation by which a man can be saved, Christ led Nicodemus to consider his death on the cross. As the serpent story was known to the Jews, Jesus here explains he is the fulfillment of this Old Testament shadow. He will be lifted up (by men […]

  • Is Pornography Sin?

    Is Pornography Sin?

    Today many people look at pornography on their phones, in the movie store, on their computer, and in porn films. And because of this man’s mind is full of sexual thoughts. Even to advertise things in our word people put up half naked women on billboards and signboards. Is this all right or is this sin? Jesus said – ‘But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in […]

  • John 3 – You Must Be Born Again

    John 3 – You Must Be Born Again

    This religious and educated man Nicodemus came to Christ but was not born again. He kept the laws and traditions of his people, but his heart had never been changed by God and really he was motivated to obey by things other than love for God. Thus, he was unfit for the Kingdom. Jesus said the Holy Spirit is the only one that can truly make us new people. This change is so real and powerful it is called a […]

  • John 2 – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    John 2 – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    In the day of Jesus, money was greedily sought by even highly religious men. Our day is the same. Men use their religions and societies to conquer and get money, lands, and salaries. Men worship money rather than God. Many in India say their god is ‘Allah,’ or ‘Bhogoban,’ or ‘Vishnu,’ or even ‘Jesus,’ yet their true god is Money. They do ministry for money! It controls their life and they put their trust on it. Yet even now, Jesus […]

  • John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    Why did Jesus chose the turning of water to wine as his first miracle to manifest his glory? Why at a wedding? Why wine? Why did he say, ‘My hour has not yet come,’ and then proceed to do the miracle anyway? The answer is because the gospel was on his mind, our salvation through his blood. Just as later he would give bread to over 5000 people which he said was ‘his flesh’. So here he gives a large […]