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  • Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

    Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

    The world’s peace is not from God and therefore goes up and down with our circumstances. The true peace that every man needs is found only in the Holy Spirit applying the cross-work of Jesus Christ to our minds and souls. At the cross forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God was purchased by Christ. It is when we are saved by Christ from all the powers of sin and evil that peace truly begins. Do you have peace with […]

  • Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

    Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

    God has joy in who he is and what he does, and therefore a believer once born again will begin to rejoice in the Lord also. This is the work of the Holy Spirit – not to find joy and delight in the world, but in God himself and his great works of creation and redemption. A sad miserable Christian cannot be a holy Christian, for holiness means in great measure to be happy in the Lord. Are you happy? […]

  • Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    When a person is cleansed by the blood of Christ, fellowship with God begins, and the Holy Spirit comes and indwells every believer. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart that produces holiness in our lives. Here, God is showing what sweet pleasing fruit really is in His sight, not our ministry primarily but our heart attitude and character, deep in the hidden part of man – love, joy, peace, and so on. Love is the […]

  • Is Reincarnation Real?

    Is Reincarnation Real?

    Hindus learn that after this life they will receive another life and can start again- reincarnation. This is an age old lie that leads people away from caring about the way they live now. This is a convenient excuse to waste your life in sin. Yet God says, a man lives and dies once and then comes the judgment. Think of eternity. Prepare to meet your God and maker. Your life is precious.