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  • John 1 – Jesus is the Lamb of God

    John 1 – Jesus is the Lamb of God

    The sins of the world are so many and so black. What can wash them away? Only the blood of the Son of God, Jesus… He was the true sacrifice for our sins. He gives us hope of forgiveness and peace with God. He can take all of your sins away, if you ‘behold’ him. Look to Christ and be freely saved. John 1:29 – Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

  • John 1 – Jesus is the Word of God

    John 1 – Jesus is the Word of God

    There are many things that are not very important to know about, but to not know God is to be cut off from our true life and real purpose. Only Jesus Christ can show us who God is, because only he is fully God, God’s Son, that became a man and came to us. He is not a prophet or a guru, he is not an angel, he is not one of the little ‘gods’. He is truly God himself. […]

  • Are Catholic People Following Christ?

    Are Catholic People Following Christ?

    There are lots of Catholic schools that are very popular in India and Assam. Yet sadly, most don’t realize that Catholic people have long since left the true Christ of the Scriptures. There are many reasons why they are no longer following Christ and cannot be accepted as true believers – they add to the Bible, they give the Pope the place of God and Christ, the give Mary their worship and trust, they fill their churches with images and […]