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  • John 2 – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    John 2 – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

    In the day of Jesus, money was greedily sought by even highly religious men. Our day is the same. Men use their religions and societies to conquer and get money, lands, and salaries. Men worship money rather than God. Many in India say their god is ‘Allah,’ or ‘Bhogoban,’ or ‘Vishnu,’ or even ‘Jesus,’ yet their true god is Money. They do ministry for money! It controls their life and they put their trust on it. Yet even now, Jesus […]

  • John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    Why did Jesus chose the turning of water to wine as his first miracle to manifest his glory? Why at a wedding? Why wine? Why did he say, ‘My hour has not yet come,’ and then proceed to do the miracle anyway? The answer is because the gospel was on his mind, our salvation through his blood. Just as later he would give bread to over 5000 people which he said was ‘his flesh’. So here he gives a large […]

  • No Other Name Under Heaven

    No Other Name Under Heaven

    The world is filled with people who believe that all religions can lead us to God. Is this true? Is it true that in all of the gods of all religions we can find salvation from sin? Christians believe and teach that we can be saved from our sin through Jesus Christ — but not only that, but the Bible also teaches us that the ONLY way to be saved from our sin is through Jesus Christ. We cannot save […]

  • John 1 – Jesus is Calling

    John 1 – Jesus is Calling

    Jesus says two words over and over – ‘Come,’ and ‘Follow Me.’ This invitation still remains today for all who would seek to live a life of fellowship with God and in obedience to his will. These are not dead words on a page, written thousands of years ago. They are living words the Lord speaks to all men. Lose your life and you will save it. Follow Christ and you will not remain in the dark. The way we […]