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  • John 8 – Light from the Cross

    John 8 – Light from the Cross

    Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” And He said that at the time of His death, men would then truly know who He is. It is at the cross that we are helped to see the truth of God and the way to escape sin, death, and judgment. His cross shines brightly still today for those in the dark to find real hope and salvation. What happened on the cross? We see four amazing things: the darkness […]

  • John 8 – Caught in Sin

    John 8 – Caught in Sin

    The story of the woman caught in adultery has a difficult issue as to originally being found in the gospel of John. Yet the story itself matches the character and teaching of Jesus and shows us much about not looking at the sins of others, but our own sin. It also reminds us of the love and forgiveness of Christ to even the most guilty caught in sin. John 8:11 – “… Neither do I condemn you; go, and from […]

  • John 7 – Rivers of Living Water

    John 7 – Rivers of Living Water

    There is a promise here for every believer for the overflowing blessing of the Holy Spirit. What does it mean to be truly filled with the Spirit? Being filled with the Spirit is much more than just ‘ministry power’ or ‘miracle power.’ He is called the Spirit of Truth because his work is to glorify Christ by the means of using truth. More deeply realizing the truth of Christ and communing with Him is like water which satisfies our thirsty […]

  • John 7 – Sin

    John 7 – Sin

    Men wanted to kill Jesus because he taught that all men in the world are sinful and evil. Sadly most dead churches today would chase off someone preaching the same hard message. But Jesus is right, the world is wicked! Do you agree?! Most people try to present themselves good outwardly. But have you come to realize you are just as evil as the cheat, the murderer and the rapist? Do you realize you are a just as much a […]

  • John 6 – The Sovereignty of God

    John 6 – The Sovereignty of God

    God’s Sovereignty means that He is in control, like a king over his kingdom. This is even true in salvation. Ultimately it is God who chooses who will be saved, and this is based on free grace alone. God must give lost men the power to come to Christ or they will never come! All men are totally corrupt and sinful in their hearts and left to themselves they will reject Christ like the Jews in this chapter. Yet, when […]

  • Who is God ? – Five Answers

    Who is God ? – Five Answers

    Who is God? He is our Creator, Heavenly Father, Lord, Judge, and Savior. He made everything. He knows us and cares for us. He demands our obedience and loyalty. He punishes all sin with fairness and power. And He saves guilty sinners from the wrath of God in hell though His own sacrifice – Jesus Christ, His one and only Son. To Him be the glory!

  • John 6 – The Bread of Life

    John 6 – The Bread of Life

    The famous account of the Lord Jesus feeding the five thousand teaches us about the need to trust him and find our life continually in him, not in the corruptible temporary things of the world. The things of the world will all fail.   John 6:27 – ‘Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has […]

  • John 5 – The Witness of Scripture

    John 5 – The Witness of Scripture

    To prove his deity and glory as the Son of God, Jesus gives four evidences or witnesses. They are all important: John the Baptist’s witness, his miracles’ witness, his Father’s witness, and the Scripture’s witness. Though the Jews had seen so much, yet they resisted and despised him! Today the Scriptures are still in our hands available to our eyes to read and by which our faith is strengthened. Whoever believes the Scriptures is no fool, as they are the […]

  • What is a False Christian?

    What is a False Christian?

    Many are calling themselves Christians and thinking themselves saved when they are not. What is a false Christian? It is someone whose lifestyle does not match the bible. They say they believe in God and Jesus Christ, but their actions don’t match. False Christians don’t read the bible much and find it to be boring. They don’t pray for the lost or care about growing in holiness. Even though on Sunday they go to church, or wear a cross around […]

  • John 5 – The Son will Judge All

    John 5 – The Son will Judge All

    In this story, Jesus healed an invalid man on the Sabbath day, which was the one day of the week that God had set apart as holy and on which God had commanded the Jews not to work. Why did Jesus do this? Is He a lawbreaker who deserves to be judged? No, Jesus did this loving miracle to set a background for the teaching He would give, in which He claimed deity for Himself – equality with God the […]