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  • What is a False Christian?

    What is a False Christian?

    Many are calling themselves Christians and thinking themselves saved when they are not. What is a false Christian? It is someone whose lifestyle does not match the bible. They say they believe in God and Jesus Christ, but their actions don’t match. False Christians don’t read the bible much and find it to be boring. They don’t pray for the lost or care about growing in holiness. Even though on Sunday they go to church, or wear a cross around […]

  • John 5 – The Son will Judge All

    John 5 – The Son will Judge All

    In this story, Jesus healed an invalid man on the Sabbath day, which was the one day of the week that God had set apart as holy and on which God had commanded the Jews not to work. Why did Jesus do this? Is He a lawbreaker who deserves to be judged? No, Jesus did this loving miracle to set a background for the teaching He would give, in which He claimed deity for Himself – equality with God the […]