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  • John 7 – Sin

    John 7 – Sin

    Men wanted to kill Jesus because he taught that all men in the world are sinful and evil. Sadly most dead churches today would chase off someone preaching the same hard message. But Jesus is right, the world is wicked! Do you agree?! Most people try to present themselves good outwardly. But have you come to realize you are just as evil as the cheat, the murderer and the rapist? Do you realize you are a just as much a […]

  • John 6 – The Sovereignty of God

    John 6 – The Sovereignty of God

    God’s Sovereignty means that He is in control, like a king over his kingdom. This is even true in salvation. Ultimately it is God who chooses who will be saved, and this is based on free grace alone. God must give lost men the power to come to Christ or they will never come! All men are totally corrupt and sinful in their hearts and left to themselves they will reject Christ like the Jews in this chapter. Yet, when […]

  • Who is God ? – Five Answers

    Who is God ? – Five Answers

    Who is God? He is our Creator, Heavenly Father, Lord, Judge, and Savior. He made everything. He knows us and cares for us. He demands our obedience and loyalty. He punishes all sin with fairness and power. And He saves guilty sinners from the wrath of God in hell though His own sacrifice – Jesus Christ, His one and only Son. To Him be the glory!