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  • Jesus’ Humility and Exaltation

    Jesus’ Humility and Exaltation

    The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is fully God, dwelling for all eternity in Heaven, equal with God the Father in position, power and holiness. Yet because of love for mankind, He willingly humbled Himself and came to earth as a man, lived among sinful men, and at last died a shameful death to pay for our sins. He went from the very highest to the very lowest. But it didn’t end there. The Bible also tells us that […]

  • How can Man get to God?

    How can Man get to God?

    Have you ever wondered “Why does God seem so far away?” There’s a reason for this: The Bible teaches us that all men are separated from God from birth because of their sin. People do not know God; nor do they obey or love Him. The sin in our heart and in our life is like a huge rock that no man can pass, blocking the way between us and our holy Creator. Sin separates us from God and God […]