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  • What is a False Christian?

    What is a False Christian?

    Many are calling themselves Christians and thinking themselves saved when they are not. What is a false Christian? It is someone whose lifestyle does not match the bible. They say they believe in God and Jesus Christ, but their actions don’t match. False Christians don’t read the bible much and find it to be boring. They don’t pray for the lost or care about growing in holiness. Even though on Sunday they go to church, or wear a cross around […]

  • Is Pornography Sin?

    Is Pornography Sin?

    Today many people look at pornography on their phones, in the movie store, on their computer, and in porn films. And because of this man’s mind is full of sexual thoughts. Even to advertise things in our word people put up half naked women on billboards and signboards. Is this all right or is this sin? Jesus said – ‘But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in […]

  • Are Catholic People Following Christ?

    Are Catholic People Following Christ?

    There are lots of Catholic schools that are very popular in India and Assam. Yet sadly, most don’t realize that Catholic people have long since left the true Christ of the Scriptures. There are many reasons why they are no longer following Christ and cannot be accepted as true believers – they add to the Bible, they give the Pope the place of God and Christ, the give Mary their worship and trust, they fill their churches with images and […]

  • Is Reincarnation Real?

    Is Reincarnation Real?

    Hindus learn that after this life they will receive another life and can start again- reincarnation. This is an age old lie that leads people away from caring about the way they live now. This is a convenient excuse to waste your life in sin. Yet God says, a man lives and dies once and then comes the judgment. Think of eternity. Prepare to meet your God and maker. Your life is precious.

  • Can God Forgive Without Giving Just Punishment?

    Can God Forgive Without Giving Just Punishment?

    Many people will confess that they have some sin in their life, but think that God will easily forgive. Especially Muslim’s make this mistake and believe that since God is “merciful” that therefore he can simply forgive any crime. The word of God rejects this outright showing that although he is a gracious and kind God, because he is holy and righteous he must punish sin. Only the Christian truly honors God’s justice in forgiveness, for he knows and believes […]

  • Are All Religions the Same?

    Are All Religions the Same?

    In Assam and India you will often hear people say, “All gods are the same,” or “All religions are the same.” Is this true? Obviously it is not. All religions are different in many important ways. Actually men say this because they want to keep a false sense of peace in a society of various religions, and are not hungry for the truth or seeking for God. Jesus is the only one that can truly show us God, since he […]