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  • John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    John 2 – The Wine of His Blood

    Why did Jesus chose the turning of water to wine as his first miracle to manifest his glory? Why at a wedding? Why wine? Why did he say, ‘My hour has not yet come,’ and then proceed to do the miracle anyway? The answer is because the gospel was on his mind, our salvation through his blood. Just as later he would give bread to over 5000 people which he said was ‘his flesh’. So here he gives a large […]

  • No Other Name Under Heaven

    No Other Name Under Heaven

    The world is filled with people who believe that all religions can lead us to God. Is this true? Is it true that in all of the gods of all religions we can find salvation from sin? Christians believe and teach that we can be saved from our sin through Jesus Christ — but not only that, but the Bible also teaches us that the ONLY way to be saved from our sin is through Jesus Christ. We cannot save […]

  • John 1 – Jesus is Calling

    John 1 – Jesus is Calling

    Jesus says two words over and over – ‘Come,’ and ‘Follow Me.’ This invitation still remains today for all who would seek to live a life of fellowship with God and in obedience to his will. These are not dead words on a page, written thousands of years ago. They are living words the Lord speaks to all men. Lose your life and you will save it. Follow Christ and you will not remain in the dark. The way we […]

  • John 1 – Jesus is the Lamb of God

    John 1 – Jesus is the Lamb of God

    The sins of the world are so many and so black. What can wash them away? Only the blood of the Son of God, Jesus… He was the true sacrifice for our sins. He gives us hope of forgiveness and peace with God. He can take all of your sins away, if you ‘behold’ him. Look to Christ and be freely saved. John 1:29 – Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!

  • John 1 – Jesus is the Word of God

    John 1 – Jesus is the Word of God

    There are many things that are not very important to know about, but to not know God is to be cut off from our true life and real purpose. Only Jesus Christ can show us who God is, because only he is fully God, God’s Son, that became a man and came to us. He is not a prophet or a guru, he is not an angel, he is not one of the little ‘gods’. He is truly God himself. […]

  • Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

    Fruit of the Spirit – Peace

    The world’s peace is not from God and therefore goes up and down with our circumstances. The true peace that every man needs is found only in the Holy Spirit applying the cross-work of Jesus Christ to our minds and souls. At the cross forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God was purchased by Christ. It is when we are saved by Christ from all the powers of sin and evil that peace truly begins. Do you have peace with […]

  • Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

    Fruit of the Spirit – Joy

    God has joy in who he is and what he does, and therefore a believer once born again will begin to rejoice in the Lord also. This is the work of the Holy Spirit – not to find joy and delight in the world, but in God himself and his great works of creation and redemption. A sad miserable Christian cannot be a holy Christian, for holiness means in great measure to be happy in the Lord. Are you happy? […]

  • Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    When a person is cleansed by the blood of Christ, fellowship with God begins, and the Holy Spirit comes and indwells every believer. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart that produces holiness in our lives. Here, God is showing what sweet pleasing fruit really is in His sight, not our ministry primarily but our heart attitude and character, deep in the hidden part of man – love, joy, peace, and so on. Love is the […]

  • Reedemed from the Curse of the Law

    Reedemed from the Curse of the Law

    Jesus Christ came to save us. What does that mean? What is the danger that every person is in? Mankind’s main problem is that he is rebel against God and has come under ‘the curse of the law,’ God’s law. The law is righteous, holy, and good, but as such strongly demands the death of everyone who hates and rebels against God. This is the condition of all of us before God. Therefore in order to satisfy the law, Christ […]

  • Laws of God – 10 – You Shall Not Covet

    Laws of God – 10 – You Shall Not Covet

    To covet means to desire. Sin happens deep in the heart even before any work is done by the hands of men. This law of God is meant to show usthe evil and selfish desires that cause us to ‘love the world’ and neglect God. Until a man finds God as his treasure he will continually run after the world seeking happiness and satisfaction in earthly things. Sometimes men can clean up the outside like the lost priests and Pharisees […]