John 4 – Are You Seeking Miracles or Seeking Christ?

What do you want from God? What do you want from Christ? Do you want to blessings? Or do you want Christ himself? When many people say “I love Jesus,” what they really love is not Jesus, but the blessings, gifts and help He can give. Many people say “I believe in Jesus,” but in reality, they aren’t putting their faith and hope in Christ himself, but only looking to him in order to get blessings from Him or to see amazing, supernatural works. This kind of faith cannot save anyone. We must believe in Christ as our Saviour, not just as a miracle worker who can help us. Don’t look to Jesus just as someone who can give temporary blessings in life, but as the one who can save you from your sins and bring you back to know and live with God eternally.

John 4:48 – “Jesus said to him, ‘Unless you see signs and wonders you will not believe.’”