Laws of God – 8 – You shall not steal

Another law that God has given to all men is that which says, ‘you shall not steal.’ Men steal because of greed, because of pride, because of selfishness, and love for the world and the things in the world. People would rather unjustly take from another than work with their hands and save up to share with those in need. People would rather hurt another by stealing than trust God to provide. The worst kind of thief is the religious thief, either using religion for money, or a person who steals souls. Jesus said, all who came before me (in false religions or as false prophets) were thieves and robbers, that is, stealing people away from God and the truth. This sin of stealing and greed is in everyone’s life, and one for which we must all be washed by the blood of Christ. Thanks be to Jesus Christ who saved us from this sin, and changed our hearts to be like his own, one of giving rather than taking. He became poor, so that we might become (spiritually) rich.

The main bible verse is Exodus 20:15.

“You shall not steal.”