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  • Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    Fruit of the Spirit – Love

    When a person is cleansed by the blood of Christ, fellowship with God begins, and the Holy Spirit comes and indwells every believer. It is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart that produces holiness in our lives. Here, God is showing what sweet pleasing fruit really is in His sight, not our ministry primarily but our heart attitude and character, deep in the hidden part of man – love, joy, peace, and so on. Love is the […]

  • Is Reincarnation Real?

    Is Reincarnation Real?

    Hindus learn that after this life they will receive another life and can start again- reincarnation. This is an age old lie that leads people away from caring about the way they live now. This is a convenient excuse to waste your life in sin. Yet God says, a man lives and dies once and then comes the judgment. Think of eternity. Prepare to meet your God and maker. Your life is precious.

  • Reedemed from the Curse of the Law

    Reedemed from the Curse of the Law

    Jesus Christ came to save us. What does that mean? What is the danger that every person is in? Mankind’s main problem is that he is rebel against God and has come under ‘the curse of the law,’ God’s law. The law is righteous, holy, and good, but as such strongly demands the death of everyone who hates and rebels against God. This is the condition of all of us before God. Therefore in order to satisfy the law, Christ […]

  • Laws of God – 10 – You Shall Not Covet

    Laws of God – 10 – You Shall Not Covet

    To covet means to desire. Sin happens deep in the heart even before any work is done by the hands of men. This law of God is meant to show usthe evil and selfish desires that cause us to ‘love the world’ and neglect God. Until a man finds God as his treasure he will continually run after the world seeking happiness and satisfaction in earthly things. Sometimes men can clean up the outside like the lost priests and Pharisees […]

  • Laws of God – 9 – You shall not give false witness

    Laws of God – 9 – You shall not give false witness

    God’s word says – “all men are liars”. In this message, the point is that here is yet another way in which man has gone far from God being unlike him. God is true, yet men are liars. God loves truth, yet man loves that which is false. Perhaps among all the lying that goes on in our world, the worst is when a man says – ‘I have fellowship with God’ and yet walks in the darkness, or perhaps […]

  • Can God Forgive Without Giving Just Punishment?

    Can God Forgive Without Giving Just Punishment?

    Many people will confess that they have some sin in their life, but think that God will easily forgive. Especially Muslim’s make this mistake and believe that since God is “merciful” that therefore he can simply forgive any crime. The word of God rejects this outright showing that although he is a gracious and kind God, because he is holy and righteous he must punish sin. Only the Christian truly honors God’s justice in forgiveness, for he knows and believes […]

  • Are All Religions the Same?

    Are All Religions the Same?

    In Assam and India you will often hear people say, “All gods are the same,” or “All religions are the same.” Is this true? Obviously it is not. All religions are different in many important ways. Actually men say this because they want to keep a false sense of peace in a society of various religions, and are not hungry for the truth or seeking for God. Jesus is the only one that can truly show us God, since he […]

  • Laws of God – 8 – You shall not steal

    Laws of God – 8 – You shall not steal

    Another law that God has given to all men is that which says, ‘you shall not steal.’ Men steal because of greed, because of pride, because of selfishness, and love for the world and the things in the world. People would rather unjustly take from another than work with their hands and save up to share with those in need. People would rather hurt another by stealing than trust God to provide. The worst kind of thief is the religious […]

  • Laws of God – 7 – You Shall Not Commit Adultery

    Laws of God – 7 – You Shall Not Commit Adultery

    Jesus said that whoever looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Therefore all have broken this law of God and stand in need of forgiveness through Christ. God judges our thoughts as well as our actions. We were made male and female to reflect the glory of God, yet man perverts the beauty of God in marriage into something selfish and fleshly. Christ is the great example of love – selflessly loving […]

  • Redeem Us From Every Lawless Deed

    Redeem Us From Every Lawless Deed

    Freedom comes at a price. What is the redemption price for sin? How can a man be free of sin? Listen again to the story of Jesus Christ going to the cross for us, and what the Father did in making him our sacrifice. One day in history changed the course of our race. Every sin of ours was laid upon him. He bore our sins in his body on the cross. He redeemed us and now purifies us to […]